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Hillary Clinton trades support of Colombia trade pact for foundation contributions

Hillary Clinton accepted millions of dollars from a Colombian oil company before Secretary of State Hillary Clinton favored a trade deal with Colombia despite claims of human rights violations. The International Business Times on Thursday first broke the news. This latest questionable donation raises more questions about the possibility of foreign nations influencing Hillary by donating to her family’s foundation. Clinton previously opposed the U.S. Colombia trade deal during her 2008 campaign for President. Clinton remained silent during a workers strike at the oil company Pacific Rubiales, which is the company in question. The Colombian military threatened violence if the workers did not disband.

Human rights advocates urged Clinton to reject the free-trade deal with Colombia because such tactics were common in the country. The founder of the oil company, Frank Giustra is now a board member of the Clinton Foundation. At the time discussions began of the trade deal, Giustra pledged to donate $100 million to a joint initiative between the Foundation and Colombian oil company Pacific Rubiales. A few months after, former President Bill Clinton was seen golfing with Giustra. In 2011, the U.S. State Department under the leadership of Hillary Clinton applauded Colombia’s human rights record saying “Colombian government continued to make progress on improving respect for human rights, both within the Armed Forces and in Colombia at large.”  Read more at 


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