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SIGAR reveals $45 billion in tax dollars goes missing in Afghanistan

Millions of dollars have disappeared from Afghanistan and the Special Inspector General for Afghan Reconstruction is placing the blame on the Pentagon’s mismanaged accounting practices for the problem. The SIGAR released the report Friday reporting that only 57 percent of the $795 million appropriated to CERP from 2002-2013 could be accounted for in terms of who was awarded contracts, and for how much money. The SIGAR report breaks down the $21 billion, by fund, into the highest-costing contracts and their recipients, from 2002 until May 2014.

The CERP initiative “enables U.S. commanders in Afghanistan to respond to urgent humanitarian relief and reconstruction requirements in their areas of responsibility by supporting programs that will immediately assist the local population” according to the report. CERP contracts are restricted in terms of spending on individual contracts; those that cost more than $1 million or $5 million have to be approved by oversight bodies, and no individual contract can exceed $20 million.


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