IRS welcoming hackers to steal 350M people’s personal info

The Government Accountability Office released a scathing report revealing that the IRS system is easy to hack by anyone but especially by current and ex-IRS employees. The GAO is a non-partisan agency that is in charge of the federal government’s use of taxpayer money. As a result of their investigation they have revealed many security flaws within the IRS financial reporting systems. This has worried millions of Americans who now are awake to the reality of potential identity thefts. The IRS has been cited for using generic user-ids and passwords, which allow IRS employees the ability to steal data in a manner that doesn’t set off alarms. Because the user-ids and passwords are not user specific, if the IRS does realize it has been hacked, they will be unable to identify the culprit.

When you file taxes, all the information on the form goes into the IRS computer system. That means your name, SSN, your dependents’ SSN, your spouse’s SSN, address, phone number, work information, in other words they collect your life story. Your entire life story, along with 350 million other American life stories, resides on IRS computer system just waiting to be hacked by a disgruntled employee. Read more at 


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