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Netanyahu speech shines a light on the reality of a nuclear Iran

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke before a joint session of Congress on Tuesday, pleading with Congress to stop Iran’s march of conquest. His speech occurs during Secretary of State John Kerry attempting to make a nuclear deal with Iran. Netanyahu laid out multiple indictments against the Iranian regime. He accused the Iranian regime of playing a game of hide and cheat with nuclear weapons inspectors.

The United States and five other world powers are negotiating a deal with Iran that would seek to put at least a decade-long halt to its nuclear program. Netanyahu called for the US to slap tougher sanctions against Iran in order to force a harder line against Iran, and is currently a heated debate in the Senate. Netanyahu dismissed the belief that the only alternative to a nuclear agreement would be war, instead proposing that world leaders should seek a better deal. Before Netanyahu arrived in the United States, the speech revealed the reality of a partisan divide over the delicate relationship between Israel and the United States.

Speaker John Boehner extended the invitation to Netanyahu without consulting the White House, which many considered a breach in protocol. Many top Democrats viewed the invite as an attempt by Republicans to undermine Obama’s efforts to sign a nuclear deal with Iran. Read More at


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