School shooting must end and bullying must stop!

School shootings have been around for decades. When someone mentions school shootings, you probably think of Columbine. However, a shooting took place in the small town of Paducah, Kentucky. This shooting shocked the town but the country had no idea that this town existed. This is the type of town where you didn’t expect something like this to happen; where everyone knows everyone. What does America do in response to this, they argue over gun legislation. Who deserves the right to carry and who should not carry. Gun violence will never go away but gun violence in schools can be prevented. Like the NYPD says “see something, say something.” Bullies are prevalent in every school across the nation. It is time for those bullied to realize that a gun will not solve the problem and it only gives you a minute of pleasure. That minute of pleasure turns into decades behind bars.

When you see someone being bullied, tell your instructor or a counselor. Gun violence brings pain not only to the victims but also to the families of those killed or seriously wounded. I know family members are not the targets, but they have to live with the memories of the tragic events as well as the loss of a member. With the loss of a family member, holidays and birthdays will no longer be normal. There will always be that void in their lives. Gun violence in American schools has gone on long enough. Sometimes those who respond with violence are those you consider the nice kid or the “class clown.” It will take a joint effort in stopping gun violence within the schools of America. After hearing stories of school shootings. If you’re the bully, don’t bully other classmates; you have no idea what kind of family that fellow student comes from, and you could be the one that sets him off. We all need to just get along. Politics does not solve everything; it’s up to everyone to do their part in stopping school violence.

I want to dedicate this opinion piece to a true hero of mine and a survivor of the Heath High School shooting in Kentucky, Missy-Jenkins Smith. She is a woman of courage, bravery and I hope to have as much courage and bravery that she has displayed in the stories she has told across the country. She had the courage to speak to the shooter and forgive him. I personally do not think I have the guts to do something even though people always say you gain nothing from keeping the anger inside of you.


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