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ISIS video shows children training to be next generation ISIS fighters

ISIS fighters released a new video on Monday, showing Kurdish fighters being paraded down Iraqi streets. The video shows a group of children, as young as 5 taking part in drills and reciting verses from the Koran. The video shows 70 kids clothed in camouflage uniforms and are reported as being the children of foreign fighters who has traveled to Iraq and Syria to join the extremist group. A man appeared on the video interviewing several of the captive Kurdish fighters who say they are from Kirkuk. The prisoners under stress have called on their fellow Peshmerga soldiers to give up the fight against ISIS. The heavily edited footage also includes flashing clips of the recent beheadings of Christian Egyptians in Libya. Peshmerga have been fighting ISIS, as the Islamic extremists tries to create a radical Islamic state across Iraq and Syria.

In the video, the children wear traditional ISIS black headbands and are seen answering religious questions and quoting the Koran. The clip provides a disturbing snapshot into how the extremist group is taking young innocent children and turning them into their own depraved version of Nazi Germany’s Hitler youth, experts said. The video was reportedly shot in Raqqa, Syria. Intelligence officials have yet to verify the authenticity. Read more at


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