American Sniper Killer Psychiatrist: Eddie Ray Routh Wasn’t Insane

On Thursday, Texas psychiatrist Dr. Michael Dunn testified in the “American Sniper” murder trial speaking to jurors saying that Eddie Routh believed that Chris Kyle was part of a world takeover. Routh believed he was acting in self-defense and gained a sense of relief after he killed the two victims. Dunn spent nearly six hours interviewing Routh after he murdered Routh. Dunn believes that Routh was suffering from schizophrenia at the time of the crime. Routh also believed his police detective neighbor was part of the Mexican Mafia.

When Kyle picked up Routh on the day of the shootings, Routh said he was upset that Kyle didn’t introduce himself or shake his hand, Dunn said. Routh called the drive to the range a “one-way trip” according to Dunn. At the gun range, Routh wanted to neutralize what he perceived as a threat, Dunn testified, so he shot Littlefield first, and then when Kyle began to turn around, he shot him in the back. During the cross-examination of Dunn, he said it was his expert opinion that Routh suffered mental illness and not PTSD. Kyle, who was helping war veterans after he retired as a Navy SEAL sniper, had agreed to help Routh that day at the gun range in February 2013. Read more at


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