ISIS fails on capturing military base housing American forces

Islamic State terrorists launched a brazen attack against a base in Western Iraq where American military forces were stationed. Iraqi forces defending the facility pushed killed ISIS fighters on Friday, according to Pentagon officials. Eight ISIS fighters were involvend and killed by Iraqi forces during the 7:20 a.m. attack on Ain al-Asad military base. None of the 400 American military forces at the base was involved. U.S. forces deployed Apache attack helicopters against the base. Pentagon spokesman Rear Admiral John Kirby discussed the attack on CNN saying the base is roughly the size of Boulder Colorado and said American forces were several kilometers away from where the fighting occurred. Ayn al-Assad is the largest military base in Anbar and is still under U.S. government control.

Peters said the terrorists were doing three things. “They were signaling that our advisers were vulnerable, thus — they hope — driving Obama to pull them out; demonstrating to jihadi-world that they’re standing up to the Americans, and replying to Obama’s claim that Islamic State has been stopped and turned back.” – Col. Ralph Peters on botched attack

The base in the Euphrates River Valley west of Baghdad is a major training facility where teams of Americans are training about 800 Iraqi soldiers. The Ayn al-Assad attack comes amid news that ISIS militants took full control of the western Iraqi town of al-Baghdadi. CNN reports the ISIS fighters came in the direction of ISIS controlled al-Baghdadi. In the past week sporadic mortar fire has fallen upon the base. Al-Assad is the last strategic point that separates ISIS from Baghdad. Defense Department spokeswoman confirmed to Fox News that “heavy fighting” took place in al-Baghdadi on Thursday, and on Friday.


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