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President Obama seeking congressional authority for more forces in Iraq and Syria

President Barack Obama is expected to ask Congress for permission to use U.S. military force against ISIS militants, according to White House officials announced on Friday. House Speaker John Boehner said it wouldn’t be easy passing this request and said Obama would have to rally support from fellow lawmakers and the public. Obama has been acting on congressional authorization President Bush used to justify military action following the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. This latest attempt for authorization comes days after ISIS extremists released a video of the murder of a Jordanian Air Force pilot, burning him alive. Pelosi is calling for the U.S. to move quickly to steer military support to Jordan, which has stepped up a campaign against the extremists including a round of air strikes in Syria.

White House spokesperson Josh Earnest reported that the White House is determined to get new authorization with support from both sides of the aisles. This new potential request comes as President Obama has continued to argue that new authorization isn’t legally necessary and has been ordering airstrikes on militant strongholds in Iraq and Syria for months. The U.S. has been carrying out airstrikes against the terrorists, most commonly known as ISIS, in Iraq and Syria since August and September, respectively. Read More at


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