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South Korean soldier convicted for premeditated murder.

A South Korean soldier has been convicted of murder and sentenced to death on Tuesday for a shooting against his fellow soldiers. The court ruled that the Army sergeant murdered five comrades and injured seven using his rifle and a grenade. The seargent just finished watch duty near the DMZ. The court located 50 miles east of Seoul said that Sgt. Lim committed premeditated murder of unarmed soldiers. Lawyers for the seargent say they will appeal, claiming the court did not consider the alleged bullying the defendant endured.

Lim is not expected to be executed, despite the death sentence. The South Korea government has placed a moratorium on capital punishment which will lead to Lim facing life in prison. The last execution of prisoners in South Korea took place in 1997. A South Korea news agency called for Lim to be executed.

“Lim committed a tenacious and premeditated crime by killing even unarmed colleagues at the barracks,” the chief judge of the military court said in the verdict Tuesday, according to the South Korean news agency Yonhap. “Capital punishment is inevitable for such a hideous crime.”

Lim was three months from the end of his mandatory military service. The South Korea Defense Ministry labeled he was a soldier that needed “special attention” In 2011, a South Korean marine was sentenced to death for killing four fellow soldiers in a shooting attack. A military court also handed down the death penalty on a soldier for killing eight troops in a 2005 rampage.


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