Jordan willing to trade terrorist for captive fighter pilot

Jordan officials on Sunday were still open to swapping an al-Qaeda prisoner for a fellow military fighter pilot held captive by ISIS a day after they released a video showing the beheading of Japanese journalist Kenji Goto. The video made no reference to the Jordanian pilot, which has raised concerns throughout the country. Military experts believe this incident will compel Jordan to take a more low-key role in the fight against ISIS compared to their current bombing campaign against the extremist groups.

ISIS demands the release of Sajida al-Rishawi, a prisoner who faces death by hanging for her role in the 2005 hotel bombing in Jordan. Jordan government officials offered last week to release her for the pilot, however the militant group did not say if they would consider that deal. An audio message last week, purportedly from ISIS, only said the pilot would be killed if al-Rishawi were not released Thursday. The deadline passed after Jordan continued to demand proof of life that the fighter pilot is still alive. ISIS released a video Saturday, showing Goto’s beheading. Jordan’s government representative Mohammed al-Momani spoke with NBC News telling them “we are still ready to hand over” al-Rishawi in return for the pilot. Read More at


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