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Former Gov. Sarah Palin speaks at Freedom Summit 2016

Gov. Palin discusses GOP strategy at Freedom Summit

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin delivered a 30-minute address on Saturday to an excited crowd at the first Republican event of the 2016 presidential campaign cycle to take on the likely Democratic presidential candidate. She shared her fondest memories of her visits to Iowa. She recalled the time when she first met Chris Kyle, America’s deadliest sniper. She remembered her speech to a tea party rally in 2011, past visits to the Iowa State Fair and a half-marathon she ran in Storm Lake.

Her speech focused on Republican strategy for heading into the 2016 cycle, honor of the military and the glory of the United States. Palin has said many times that she hasn’t ruled out a run for the White House, saying she’ll “never say never,” and that she’d “love to see a woman on both sides of the aisle” pursue the role. During the speech, she shrugged off the potential run by Mitt Romney who will be running a third time, saying we need new energy, new blood and new ideas. Palin’s address has received mix feelings across the country. Palin began her speech asking the crowd, are you ready for Hillary and is she a new Democrat or an old one? Read more at


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