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Americans now free to travel to and from Cuba

Both U.S. Treasury and Commerce departments released a new set of rules Thursday allowing Americans easier access to travel to Cuba and sell directly to businesses there. Travel agents and airlines will now be authorized to provide services without the need for a special permit. The United States government on Friday will begin making it easier for Americans to travel to Cuba than it has been for more than half a century.
The White House announced new regulations set to take effect Friday, putting some of the changes President Obama promised last month when he announced intentions to resume normal diplomatic relations with the communist country. The new regulations allow Americans to travel to Cuba for more than a dozen specific reasons. Visitors to Cuba will be allowed to use credit cards and spend money while in the country and bring home $400 in souvenirs, including $100 in alcohol and tobacco. Americans will now be able to send up to $2,000 every three months instead of the current $500 limit. The new regulations will also allow financial institutions and telecommunication providers to do business with Cuba. U.S. businesses will be allowed to sell communications devices, software, hardware and services to improve the all areas of Cuba’s communications infrastructure, including internet-based services. Read More…


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