Secret Service executives forced to resign or retire

Top Secret Service executives resigning amid security fiasco

On Wednesday it was announced high ranking Secret Services executives have been reassigned following a string of security failures and a congressional report strongly questioned leadership within the agency. A fifth official decided to retire, this is the largest management shake-up at the agency since former Secret Service Agency Director Julia Pierson was forced to resign. Her resignation came after a man armed with a knife scaled the White House fence and ran deep into the executive mansion before being restrained. The agency’s assistant directors for investigations, protective operations, technology and public affairs have all been reassigned within the Secret Service.

The Washington Post first reported the staff shakeup Wednesday afternoon. An independent panel which investigated the agency’s executives and practices in the wake of the September incident and the revelation of a previously unreported security breach last September. They also recommended hiring a new director from outside the agency; a permanent replacement has not been named. Homeland Security investigators found, among other things, that uniformed agents patrolling the White House grounds the night of Sept. 19 mistakenly assumed that thick bushes near the mansion’s front door would stop the intruder. The shake-up appears to be part of an ongoing effort to overhaul the agency in response to a string of embarrassing lapses and revelations last year. Read More at


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