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French police report possible sighting of Paris attack suspects

French authorities report that the suspects in the deadly shooting on Wednesday may have been spotted near the town of Villers-Cotterets, which is an hour from Paris. French security forces are searching the area. Two suspects of the attack, Said and Cherif Kouachi are believed to have robbed a convenience store near the area according to AFP.

French authorities said the brothers, both in their early 30’s, are the two prime suspects in a deadly Islamist terror attack that left 12 dead Wednesday at the offices of a satirical French magazine. The incident was being treated as “the last known sighting” of the suspects who attacked the satirical magazine’s offices on Wednesday, according to NBC News. Dozens of police officers in small vans arrived in the area, where the two bombing suspects reportedly were spotted. At 8:50 a.m ET, NBC News spotted at least eight police cars racing through the town blaring their sirens as well as an armored vehicle.

Local reporters in the town, report seeing French special forces along a road in the area searching for the wanted fugitives. Several people connected to the pair were arrested…Read more at


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