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Actions speak louder than words, Mr. President

Can you do anything right, Mr. President?


Mr. President, you have shown us how you will lead this country. From trading terrorists like baseball cards to stirring up racial tensions across the country. First, you made promises you fail to keep, such as one million electric cars and as of today you have fallen short by 826,000. You had the audacity to play golf on days that deserved your undivided attention, when America was shaken at its core. You allow the death of a proud American border patrol agent and fail to bring the perpetrators to justice and ignore the bloody hands of the Department of Justice. Your friend former Attorney General Eric Holder has blood on his hands and continues to ignore the heinous murder of the border agent. You have shown America to be weak by bowing to every foreign leader you have met. We are Americans; we do not bow to anyone. We are a country strong and respected until you showed up. You failed to stand up to Putin’s involvement of shooting down a Malaysian jetliner killing hundreds of innocent lives.

You traded five Taliban prisoners for one American prisoner of war. First of all, what made you think it was okay to release five known Taliban members, who will just return to the battlefield. All we got in return is an American traitor, who also shows no respect to the country and the U.S. military. An American child was kidnapped and murdered in Israel and for over 18 days, you failed to call Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu or Palestinian leader Mahboud Abbas to voice concern over the abduction of Fraenkel, a dual American-Israeli citizen. You allowed Eric Holder and the IRS to target Americans who paid their taxes, loved this country and happened to disagree with your communist leadership. You allowed Eric Holder to stick his nose in a local issue in Ferguson, Missouri. How dare you make a local crime a political issue. You allowed Holder to wave his finger and order a Civil Rights investigation into the incident. Locals know what happened best, allow the witnesses to come forward and help the police get to the truth.

From the start of your “presidency”, you have driven this country broke, failed to create jobs and stir up entrepreneurship. Mr. President we Americans question where your loyalty stands, is it either with the Muslim world or the United States of America who you are supposed to represent and fight for. It is time for you to get your feet off the Oval Office desk and pick up that pen and phone, and get to work. Even with your two years left you could manage to turn the ship around and begin to rebuild this country and allow the next president to continue that rebuilding. Grand President Obama, when you took office in 2008 you blamed America’s problems on Bush; now that is no longer an excuse, you have worked for fifteen years. NOW GET TO WORK IT. I have hope and change riding on America getting back its greatness.



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