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NY Mayor de Blasio calling for a hold on protests

NY Mayor attempting to calm the city

New York Mayor is attempting to cool the crisis surrounding the fatal shooting of two police officers and asking his fellow New Yorkers to turn their focus on the families of the slain officers. His latest appearance on Monday is an attempt to demonstrate leadership over a city that has been ripped apart. Mr. de Blasio visited the families of the slain officers, spoke to a nonprofit police group and, for the first time since the shooting, took several questions at a news conference at Police Headquarters. Moments after the bodies of Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos were removed from the hospital where they died; PBA President Pat Lynch held a press conference charging de Blasio had “blood” on his hands for the deaths, blaming what he views as anti-police rhetoric.

Dozens of officers turned their backs on de Blasio as he arrived at the hospital. De Blasio said he would continue to reach out to cops to heal the rift but does not expect every one of the 35,000 officers to like him. In a TV interview Monday morning, Police Chief, William Bratton had acknowledged that “some officers” have no faith in the mayor. Read More…


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