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Latest round of U.S. airstrikes kills three ISIS leaders

America has routinely launched airstrikes targeting ISIS fighters as well as strategic locations since November, according to Pentagon officials. Thursday evening, U.S. military killed three ISIS leaders and were identified as Haji Mutazz, a deputy to the ISIS leader; Abd al-Basit, the top military commander; and Radwin Talib, who is in control of ISIS in Iraq. They were described as mid- to high-level leaders.

Intelligence officials believe the deaths of these three leaders will deal a severe blow to the group’s effectiveness against security forces in Iraq. However, some believe it may just be a temporary setback because ISIS has plenty of replacements. President Barack Obama signed deployment orders yesterday for 1,300 troops to Iraq. By the end of February, U.S. military will have 3,000 boots on the ground. U.S. military strikes between Dec. 3 and Dec. 9 killed Abd al Basit, the head of Islamic State’s military operations in Iraq, and Haji Mutazz, a key deputy to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the group’s top leader. In late November airstrikes on Iraq have killed seven key ISIS figures according to Defense officials. U.S. forces have increased strikes around Sinjar, Iraq in support of the local Kurdish forces in the area. READ MORE AT EXAMINER.COM

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