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Senate passes budget to keep government running

After days and months of uncertainty, the Senate on Saturday passed a $1 trillion dollar spending bill that avoided a potential government shutdown.  The bill now rests on President Barack Obama’s desk awaiting his signature. The bill was the last remaining item on Congress year-end agenda. The bill provides enough funding for the government to run through the current budget year. The Senate’s final vote tally was 56-40. Some lawmakers from both sides of the aisle oppose the measure because of looser restrictions on Wall Street regulations and campaign finance laws. Republicans were opposed to the deal because of not fighting Obama’s immigration reform.

The House passed the bill just hours before funding was set to run out. Senator Ted Cruz and other fellow conservative Republicans fought to prevent a weekend session. The bill made an exception of the Department of Homeland Security. Money for the agency will run out on Feb. 27, when Republicans intend to try to force the president to roll back an immigration policy that removes the threat of deportation from millions of immigrants living in the United States illegally. Democrats spent the majority of the Senate session working on confirmation for dozens of judicial and administrative appointees.


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