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CIA Director Brennan defends agency’s actions

CIA Director latest to defend enhanced interrogation techniques

Acting CIA Director John Brennan is the latest in line to defend the CIA’s interrogation program. On Thursday during a speech, he emphasized that the agents used the ‘enhanced torture’ techniques in fighting terrorists globally. The acting director was a key official within the agency under the Bush administration when the controversial tactics were used. Brennan said the agency made mistakes. He refuted the Senate Intelligence Committee’s key points including the agency’s intentional lying to Congress and the White House and the agency’s torture program was ineffective.

Brennan said the agency did on occasion gave information that was inaccurate or fell short of agency standards. The agency was “unprepared” to launch the program and in some cases, officers used unauthorized and “abhorrent” techniques. He said he supported President Obama’s decision to end “enhanced” techniques like waterboarding. Brennan also attacked the Senate for not interviewing CIA officers in its investigation. The White House and Obama backed the decision to release the report, despite warnings from lawmakers and some inside the administration that it could lead to reprisals. In Brennan’s long speech, he never once used the word “torture” READ MORE…

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