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Former Vice President Dick Cheney labels ‘terror report’ full of crap

Dick Cheney attacks ‘terror report’

The new Senate Intelligence Committee report on the CIA’s harsh interrogation techniques was recently released and on Wednesday received harsh criticism from former Vice President Dick Cheney. He called the report on the post-9/11 enhanced interrogation techniques employed by the agency as “full of crap.” Cheney called the interrogation techniques were legally justified and inconsistent with “torture.” Cheney also claimed that the torture produced “actionable intelligence” and was deemed necessary to protect America after the September 11 attacks. Cheney spoke to the New York Times discussing the report saying he would do it again if he had to.

Cheney claimed that Democrats failed to interview officials involved in the program and that approved interrogation tactics did not constitute torture. Cheney is the highest-ranking official from the Bush administration to come out publicly since the report was released and said Bush was completely informed about the program. The former president has not publicly commented since the report’s release but did recently told CNN he praised the CIA’s performance in fighting terrorism. The majority of the report held that the CIA overstepped their authority by engaging in tactics that amounted to torture and lied to Congress and the Bush Administration on the extent of the enhanced interrogation methods. READ MORE….


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