Senator McCain commends Democrats over CIA torture report

Senator John McCain knows how well torture works, because of being the only member of the Senate who experienced being tortured during his military service. On Tuesday, he split from his party and defended the democratic led investigation into the CIA’s interrogation program. The report released Tuesday concluded that the CIA tortured countless captives after the 9/11 attacks and numerously went beyond the bounds of their “enhanced interrogation” techniques that even President Bush approved.

“When we fight to defend our security we fight also for an idea…that all men are endowed by the Creator with inalienable rights.”

Republicans have constantly argued against the report in light of the increased threat of ISIS grows. American intelligence officials have warned the report’s release could lead to a backlash from extremist groups as well as nations. The U.S. has put American embassies in the Middle East on heightened security alert. Throughout McCain’s address he referred to his own experiences with torture and argued it most often produces misleading information than real intelligence. McCain said he understood why CIA operatives felt they had to do what they did, but he still maintained it was not acceptable.

Republicans on the Senate Intelligence Committee pushed back against the report and said that the tactics used by the CIA did not constitute torture and did provide valuable intelligence that led to the killing of Osama bin Laden. Read More…


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