Senate Intelligence Committee releases ‘torture report’

Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday, released their report of the extreme interrogation tactics against suspected terrorists after the 9/11 attacks. The report revealed the CIA lied about how brutal the “enhanced” interrogation techniques really were. Some of the techniques including waterboarding sleep deprivation led to detainees to give false confessions. One prisoner, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the alleged architect of the Sept. 11 attacks, was water boarded 183 times, in what was described as “a series of near-drownings.”

The Senate Intelligence Committee in the report criticized the CIA for mismanagement of the oversees detention of nearly 200 people during the Bush administration. Senator Feinstein shared concerns that releasing the report could encourage attacks against American forces and diplomatic installations across the globe. She later defended the release by saying history will judge us by our commitment to a just society government by law and the willingness to say Never again. Feinstein also defended the timing of the release, saying there was never going to be a perfect time to make it public given the ongoing instability in the Middle East and other parts of the world. Federal officials across the country braced for blowback from extremist groups. The report released is only a 500 page summary of a 7,000 page report that took the Senate almost six years to complete. Read more at


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