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Cleveland Police Department face wrongful death lawsuit from Tamir Rice’s family

A police officer in Cleveland fatally shot twelve-year-old Tamir Rice on November 22. Early Friday, the family of the victim filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the officer involved, his partner and the city of Cleveland. The filing alleges excessive force, assault and battery and wrongful death in its causes of action. Rice was shot right outside the Cudell Recreation Center after a 911 caller said there was someone waving a gun around, pointing it at people. The gun Rice was carrying was an air-soft gun and not a real gun. The death of Rice added fuel to the continued protests across the country following grand jury not indicting two officers involved in the killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. According to the lawsuit, Officers Timothy Loehmann and Frank Garmback acted “unreasonably, negligently (and) recklessly” when Loehmann shot Rice, who was playing with an “airsoft” pellet gun, on Nov. 22, according to an eight-page civil rights complaint, The lawsuit also states that the officers involved didn’t provide Rice with proper medical attention for more than four minutes as he was bleeding on the ground. Rice was pronounced dead in the hospital the following day. Surveillance video captured the entire incident.
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