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Ferguson tragedy will remain an open wound

Everyone is looking for winners and losers; whether it be sports, arguments or even politics. Ferguson is an issue that nobody can really claim a victory. Both sides of the crisis have torn apart a city. One of the few people that has kept their calm even in the midst of a tragic loss were 18-year-old teenage boy Michael Brown’s family. Brown’s parents called for peaceful protests regardless of the grand jury’s decision.

The incident has brought back into the spotlight, the issue of the racial divide that still exists across the nation. Most Republicans are purposely avoiding the issue in hopes of not “offending” anyone. However, key Democrats including Rev. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson continue to speak up and incite violence. Has America learned anything, I don’t believe so. President Obama wants to keep the tragedy alive and has started a civil rights investigation. It is possible that this incident will fade into the sunset. I also don’t believe America has learned anything; there is nobody who could have stepped up and healed the city.

This crisis has shed light on several issues that need to be focused on and fixed. First is the issue of police officers having the tendency to shoot first, ask questions later, often occurring with young black men. The police refused to release critical details on the use of deadly force; America is a democratic society and we deserve the police to be transparent and tell us what truly happened. After Ferguson learned of the shooting, police responded in a fashion resembling Russia’s crackdown of its citizens, using military gear and weapons where the protests occurred.

Finally, the mainstream media has to stop painting victims as thugs. They always showed pictures of Brown to push their “thug” profile. The twitter hashtag #IfTheyGunnedMeDown has effectively been used to show how the media could reduce an individual to a stereotype with simply one Facebook picture.


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