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Missouri governor calls for more National Guard troops in Ferguson

After an evening of chaos in Ferguson, Missouri, Governor Jay Nixon on Tuesday tripled the number of the National Guard forces patrolling the area. Tensions were high as darkness fell and troops and police were out in force. Four people including one woman was detained in front of the Police Department where most of the extreme protesting took place. In comparison to Monday’s riots, the area was calm.

Earlier Tuesday, Gov. Jay Nixon pledged to beef up law enforcement here to prevent a second night of violence over the non-indictment of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown Jr. Brown’s family lawyers criticized the grand jury process as well as the handling of the case.

Governor Nixon’s announcement comes after Ferguson Mayor Knowles said that the National Guard wasn’t deployed quick enough calling the misstep “deeply concerning.” Wilson spoke for the first time Tuesday night since the non-indictment in an interview with ABC. The interview will air in three parts, beginning Tuesday on “World News with David Muir.” Wilson released a letter Monday evening thanking his supporters. According to the local Fire Chief reported that twelve commercial buildings in Ferguson were burned down during the protests and firefighters responded to fires at eight others. (Read More)


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