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Missed the news, well here’s a recap

Didn’t have time to watch the news this week, well here it comes. This week was again all about our fight against ISIS as well as Pennsylvania troopers searching for a cop killer. Early Monday, authorities in Pennsylvania recovered a weapon that belonged to Eric Frein, the man charged with murdering a state trooper as well as seriously injuring another. Throughout the week President Obama continued to keep his focus on ISIS. This week marked the beginning of military strikes against ISIS in Syria. In order to create a coalition to fight ISIS, Obama laid out his plan during a United Nations meeting. However, during his speech at the United Nations, he attempted to draw comparisons between Ferguson and ISIS, which drew criticism from former Vice President Dick Cheney.

As Pennsylvania continued its manhunt for a cop killer, the police brought in a six-ton vehicle to search the area without the chance of officers getting hurt. The end of the week marked the end of U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s career as AG. President Obama continues to refuse to admit that terrorists have entered our country even though a muslim entered an Oklahoma food plant and beheaded a woman in front of people. Most recently, Pennsylvania troopers have been able to decrease the size of area where Eric Frein is hiding as a result of him using a cellphone to talk to his family. Late Saturday evening; the United States Air Force threw out a sexual assault conviction as a result of not enough evidence to convict.

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