Did you miss the news? Here’s what happened!

Didn’t have time to catch up on the news this week, well here ya go.  This week was all about how America will respond to ISIS. Early Monday, Secretary Kerry said that Arab nations were willing to join the fight against ISIS, yet he refused to name those countries. However, we now know that France is one of those nations.

Defense Secretary Hagel and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff testified before congress and said they were open to “boots on the ground.”  Those remarks go against what Obama has assured America.  Late Wednesday, President Obama arrived in Tampa, Florida to meet with leaders at U.S. Central Command to discuss our response to ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

Before Obama’s departure from Florida, he attempted to assure America that we would not have “boots on the ground.” In response to all of America’s actions, ISIS has been targeting Americans and on Thursday, Australian authorities stopped a potential ISIS attack in Australia.  ISIS fighters have been pushing their beliefs by airing videos on youtube and most recently, they released a video featuring a British hostage explaining that if countries negotiate with ISIS, the hostages won’t be harmed.

Early Friday, France began launching airstrikes at ISIS targets in Iraq, during a speech, the French president made clear that he will only fight in Iraq.  Near the end of the week, a “survivalist” entered a Pennsylvania State Troopers barracks and killed one trooper and injured another; the FBI has responded and put the suspect on the 10 Most Wanted list. In our Nation’s capital, two men attempted to infiltrate the White House; one man made into the President’s private residence and the other made the police call in the bomb squad.

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