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Media the reason behind Ferguson violence

Media conglomerates reason behind Ferguson continued violence

Ferguson, Missouri has been in a mess, from riots and looting to police brutality. Question remains, who do we really blame for Ferguson. Lets first start with what happened to cause this chaos. A Ferguson police officer shot a supposed unarmed man. The officer shot the suspect six times; however, the police officer is claiming self-defense.

As a result of this tragedy, Ferguson is calling this a racist attack targeting an unarmed teenager. Once this happened, Jesse Jackson hopped on a plane and got to Ferguson faster than a New York minute. Once this happened, the major media networks swarmed onto Ferguson in order to cover Mr. Jackson as well as hoping to cover the next breaking story in the Ferguson drama.

The question now becomes, how much coverage is too much? I understand the media’s need to cover the Ferguson incident. However they should have only covered the first part of the incident (Police involved shooting) and then moved on. By continuing to cover Ferguson, they are continuing to entice mass rioting and looting. However along with the networks, Rev. Jackson needs to stay quiet and go back to where he came from. He has not helped bring peace all he has done is continued to stir up the anger and hatred toward the Ferguson police. Jackson, even went far enough to disrespect the victim’s family during their child’s memorial service by pushing his own agenda during the eulogy instead of just focusing on remembering the kid who died.

Until the media along with the “civil rights” leaders leave Ferguson, we will continue to see the hatred and anger in the eyes of the citizens. It is time for Ferguson to slowly go back to being a peaceful city and allow a fair and independent investigation into what really happened that dark day in Ferguson Missouri.

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