isis, terrorism

Obama set to fight ISIS in Syria without Congressional approval

Obama attempting to fight ISIS in Syria against wishes of Assad and Congress.

isis, terrorism
ISIS Fighters | CREDIT: Wiki Commons

President Obama is likely to ignore the wishes of Congress and President Asssad, by expanding the war against ISIS into Syria. The White House is reminding the American people, that President Obama has yet to make decision on whether he will order strikes on ISIS strongholds in Syria.

Press Secretary Josh Earnest spoke to reporters aboard Air Force One saying “We have not speculated about what sort of authority would be required from Congress if the president were to make a decision to authorize the use of military force in Syria.”

Earnest continues to press reporters that the Administration does not think they need congressional approval for the airstrikes they launched on ISIS in Iraq on August 7 or for the depoloyment of troops there to protect American assets. Earnest explained “The current military action that has been ordered in Iraq is vested in the powers of the commander in chief,” The Press Secretary assured the press the White House’s “commitment to coordinating with Congress as we deploy that power.”

Earnest assured that the White House was committed to complying with the notification requirements of the War Powers Act. Both Democrats and Republicans are calling for President Obama to obtain congressional approval.

Earnest discussed the possibility that the White House might be seeking additional funds for operations against ISIS. “If additional resources are requested or needed, we’ll make that request,” “And we hope that we’ll see the kind of bipartisan support we’ve traditionally seen from Congress to ensure that our men and women in uniform who are putting their lives on the line to protect the country is adequately and consistently funded.”

Obama has laying the groundwork for ground operations since the early part of 2014. Obama has already given the go-ahead for U.S. drone surveillance operations over Syria; many see this move as a possible prelude to an American military campaign.

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