Islam: An Internal War

A religion divided can not stand

Marriot Hotel Islamabad Pakistan bombing | CREDIT: Wiki Commons

There must be a connection to what we now define as terrorism. I do not see the Jewish people being called terrorists, I do see people committing murder at times of some select people, our prisons are full of those individuals. However, only a small handful is called terrorists. Why? Additionally, why are we so concerned over the nations of Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen and Pakistan and not Japan, Great Britain, France, Spain or Germany? Are we just now experiencing the birth pains of another not so distant war from a certain region or people? These questions are being asked by many individuals from all over the United States and correctly so. Therefore, there must be a connection between the regions of concern, us, and the word terrorism itself.

The word terrorism is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as “unlawful acts of violence.” From the root word terror meaning “An overwhelming impulse of fear” (Webster’s, 1297) Fear from what? Fear from violence in the form of the unreasonable taking of lives related to a root cause. An eight-year-old can cause a slight form of terror in his sister, I know however, that eight-year-old would never ever sanction her death, or the parents or townspeople. That is the issue. And, an eight or any year old would never justify others to die just to insight fear in a populous, ten’s, hundred’s or thousands of miles away as a matter of expression. So what is this connection between the people that are committing acts of terrorism (taking of lives) today and the regions of our concern? Is there a hint in the acts of themselves that would give us a clue? We have two words that continually link these acts with certain profiles: al-Queda and jihadist. Interesting words and their origin should give us a path to some insight.

The first definition on the understanding of this violent path is an understanding of al Qaeda. This organization was never an integral part of Islam. This organization was formed from one man in the 1980′s to assist Sunni’s in the overthrow of the Soviet presence within the borders of Afghanistan (Midleeastfacts.com). The current goal of al Qaeda is to develop and create a world wide Caliphate (ruler)that will replace any non-Islamic regime. Additionally, al Queda’s purpose is to remove any Western and non-Muslim influence from Islamic countries. As of the year 1998, it is now the duty of all Muslims everywhere that adheres to Al Qaeda doctrine to kill any US citizen and their allies regardless of where they are found. This, in other words means, everyone else in the world that is either a non-Muslim or anyone else that is not a Muslim believing the Al Qaeda Doctrine. The organization was formed by Usama Bin Laden. Currently, the group and its Sunni members exist as cells now found and forming within South Asia, Southeast Asia and throughout the Middle East (Middleeastfacts.com). It is a matter of logic and basic understanding to recognize the modification from removing the Soviet Union from a local environment, to removing any non-Muslim authority from an Islamic country, to the present day extermination of any non-Muslim and US citizen anywhere in the world. This now brings into our insight the words Muslim, Sunni and Islam for it is this connection that the foundation of al Qaeda and jihad exist as the fundamental root cause regarding violent world extermination.

Because the base memberships of al Qaeda are Sunni’s, and they are of the faith of Islam and all Muslims, a little history on these subjects is warranted. Muslim is not a faith but a term to describe the unity of a person’s belief. The belief that the Muslim lives by, is Islam or said differently “The religion of the Muslim” is Islam (Webster’s, 675). Islam is the belief in the prophet Mohammed and his words written down in the book called Qur’an. Therefore, believing that Mohammed wrote the words he heard from the angel Gabriel is to believe that the words came from God. Note: God did not speak with Mohammed, Gabriel did. Christian’s believe that God spoke with the Hebrew prophets directly (Hamilton, 102) and is so stated. To believe Mohammed therefore, is to be a Muslim. To follow the words of Gabriel from God via Mohammed, is the religion of Islam. Are all Muslims Sunni? No. As of 2003, 86% is Sunni and about 14% are Shiites (Nas, 10) and there is a difference between the two believers.

When Mohammed died he did not leave a successor to his religion and therefore the leadership or guiding force was open. It was to this vacuum that the Islamic leaders filled with Mohammed’s closest male companion Abu Bar (Elias, 35). The fact that Islam’s successor was elected and not of a birthright formed a schism and another faction called Shiite arose, which believes that the rightful leader or Caliph should be by blood relation to Mohammed (Elias, 38). Therefore, the Shiite lineage view is contrary to the Sunni belief that the leadership is more of a political nature through a majority. With this in mind, the Shiite political view has lead to a “propensity toward violence” and a leaning toward the importance of martyrdom and persecution (Elias, 38). This is to say that the Shiites can be defined as a sect of Muslims that require their leadership to have inward knowledge and he can only be chosen by God and not the community. This man would be called an “Imam”(Nas, 12). Anyone else is not recognized.

Because Osama Bin Laden is of the Sunni belief and aligns his doctrine with the Taliban, which is a fanatical and violent enforcement of an intolerance of anyone’s religion other than theirs, anyone else is a nonbelieiver and therefore, to be terminated. The Taliban came to power in 1994 after the Soviet defeat, and to consider that the Sunni’s are a majority in the Muslim world although they act like the Shiite, causes us and all others, to be sitting at the wrong end of Bin Laden’s and the Taliban’s stick. The Taliban seized control of Afghanistan (meaning “students”) from 1996 until 2001 when they were removed from control by NATO forces during Operation Freedom. The Taliban reformed in 2004 and has been fighting against the government of Pakistan, Afghanistan and the countries of the NATO Alliance (wkipeda.org). Osama believes that a Muslim should not live in a non-Muslim governed country or else, remove that government. Also, that a Holy War exists today and did not end in the 9th century as most now consider. Bin Laden believes that any people that do not adhere to strict shariah law should be killed (Holy War or jihad)(http: //bahai-library.com). This would answer the question of why the Taliban and al-Queda are so similar in their forced control and why they feel that other Muslims are just as equal on their death list.

I wish to state that it is my view that these sects, cults whatever of the intolerant belief will continue to be a plague to any Christian, Hebrew, Hindu, peaceful religion or nation. They will not stop in their Holy War until they gain supremacy over governments and rule over any nation, country or people through their “extermination solution” by the imposition of their interpretation of Islam Sharia Law. There is illogical to this way of life. It is a way of hate and cruelty under the guise as the only Islamic way. It resides as a growing cancer of evil in the world. Because the forces of the Taliban and Bin Laden consider their way the Sharia way, a closer examination of this law is warranted. After all, it is this Islamic law that all Muslims should follow.

The Sharia Law is a dictation from God on the management of the Universe  and by that application, a Muslim’s life. The Law is the book of the Qur’an and cannot be debated or questioned. If a question should arise from the multicultural world’s influence or daily activities, the Law would be considered to apply what Mohammed would have done to resolve the issue. In the Taliban and Bin Laden’s case, the Law is the Law as it was administered during the 7th century and still applies to the 21st. All people are therefore considered to be outside the law if they are not Muslim or a Muslim that would apply some form of any other cultural adaptation beyond the 7th century and not specifically what Sharia Law would determine. From the Taliban or al Queda’s point of view, everyone therefore that is not adherent to the 7th century in all aspects of their lives deserves to die with the ruling government replaced with their Sharia way of life. This belief system therefore gives the word “Terrorism” a new perspective and a deadly future to all nations. Theirs is not a rational world from a peacful state of mind. No one is innocent except them. The true Muslim must confront this activity and not sit by or they too will die. The Taliban and al Qaeda are not Mohammed’s way and the Quran is being manipulated by these individuals to secure their own brand of an awful and very evil world Caliphate.

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