Governor Rick Perry to surrender himself over to Texas authorities

Rick Perry Announces he will turn himself in

Rick Perry | CREDIT: Wiki Commons
Rick Perry | CREDIT: Wiki Commons

AUSTIN, TX – Governor Rick Perry just announced he will turn himself into authorities Tuesday evening, facing two counts of abuse of power. When he turns himself in, he will be photographed and fingerprinted. A Texas judge opted Monday not to issue an arrest warrant against Gov. Rick Perry.

Conservatives all across the country are standing behind him in support of the longest-serving governor in Texas history. The case won’t derail his busy travel schedule, which includes visits to several key presidential battleground states as he continues to eye a second run for the White House in 2016. Perry’s team of lawyers held a press conference saying that these charges are nothing more than “banana republic” politics. “The charges lobbed against the governor are a really nasty attack not only on the rule of law but on the Constitution of the United States, the state of Texas and also the fundamental constitutional protections that we all enjoy.” The last time a Texas governor was indicted was back in 1917. Perry is facing charges of coercion and official oppression that can lead to a maximum sentence of 109 years in prison.

The governor continues to stand by his veto and denies any wrongdoing. The grand jury met for a long length of time before indicting Governor Perry. People claimed favoritism over not issuing an arrest warrant for Perry. However according to Fox News, Former U.S. Attorney Matt Orwig said that insisting on an arrest warrant for Perry would have been “grandstanding.” Fellow 2016 presidential contenders issued statements including Governor Christie who said he has “complete faith and confidence in Governor Perry’s honesty and integrity.” Republican Governor’s re-election campaign yanked a video endorsement by Perry from their website following the indictment.

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