Joe Biden might become the leader of the Senate

50-50 Senate may be a reality in 2014

Joe Biden | CREDIT: Wiki Commons
Joe Biden | CREDIT: Wiki Commons

2014 is a very important year for Republicans and Democrats; Republicans want to retake the Senate as well as holding onto the House. However, if the Republicans gain control of the Senate, they may lead to a split vote on important pieces of legislation. Thanks to the U.S. Constitution, if the vote ends in a tie, the Vice President casts the deciding vote.

Joe Biden is a man that knows the ins and outs of Congress, as he has served 36 years in the Senate. Biden has the ability to use this for his 2016 campaign. There’s a small chance of actually seeing the Senate divided evenly 50-50. This would be a dream come true for both Biden as well as President Obama. Back in the Senate again, Biden could attempt to make himself the dealmaker who could rally the Democratic base and, for a wider set of voters, be the man in the spotlight getting things done in Washington.

In order for the Senate to result in a tie, the Democrats need to a net loss of five seats. Biden may hope this happens but not all Democrats are excited to have him be the deciding vote. Senate Majority leader Reid is still upset about the deal he reached with McConnell on the Bush tax cuts, and the Democrats even kept Biden out of talks in regards to the government shutdown. Having the vice-president be the deciding vote is very rare, there has only been 244 tiebreakers; the last time the Senate was split was after the 2000 elections.

Democrats are hoping to keep control of the Senate, however if the Democrats lose, Biden may still walk away grinning. However being dragged back into the polluted Senate, may not help Biden, as he will become a part of the Congress that can’t get anything done. Republicans are eager to see the Vice President around more, regardless of the vote count. Senator Lindsey Graham believe they are underutilizing the Vice President and believes they should use him more in their talks.

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