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President Obama sends 130 more “advisers” to Iraq

President Obama sending more troops to Iraq

special forces to Iraq

President Obama | CREDIT: Wiki Commons

130 U.S. troops or “advisers” as President Obama calls them arrived in Iraq Tuesday. Their mission is to assess the scope of the humanitarian crisis facing thousands of displaced Iraqi civilians who are trapped on Sinjar Mountain.

Defense Secretary Hagel announced the deployment during a speech to Marines at Camp Pendleton in California. “This is not a combat boots on the ground kind of operation,” Hagel said. “We’re not going back into Iraq in any of the same combat mission dimensions that we once were in in Iraq,” he added, referring to the eight-year war that cost more than 4,400 U.S. lives and soured the American public on military involvement in Iraq.

According to the Washington Post, a defense official said the extra troops are Marines and special forces who will assess the situation in the Sinjar area to develop additional humanitarian assistance beyond the what the U.S. is currently employing. According to other officials, the mission for the 130 “advisers” could last less than one week.

The “advisers” arrived Tuesday in the city of Irbil. Irbil has been the focus of U.S. airstrikes in an attempt to curtail movements of ISIS terrorists. President continues to say he will not send ground combat forces back into Iraq. Currently 455 American security forces and 100 military personnel who are stationed in the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad.

“The presence of these additional forces will help enable the embassy to continue its critical diplomatic mission and work with Iraq on challenges they are facing as they confront ISIS,” —
Rear Admiral Kirby

The U.S. is also sending helicopters and drones that can “bolster airfield and travel route security,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said.

The White House administration is currently considering how to further assist the Kurds who are outgunned by ISIS forces. Obama’s focus needs to be on those Christians who are stuck on the mountain-top.

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