Nouri al-Maliki

Move over Maliki, you’re time is up

President of Iraq has nominated a new Prime Minister

Prime Minister Maliki was rejected by newly elected President Fouad Massoum and nominated the deputy parliament speaker. President Massoum has given the new Prime Minister 30 days to form a new government and present it to parliament for approval.

Nouri al-Maliki accused President Masum of starting a “coup” against his rule as Prime Minister. In response to the “coup”, Maliki ordered large numbers of Special Forces and military loyal to him to be deployed across the city of Baghdad.

Maliki has lost support with the main coalition of Shiite parties who are continually turning against him. The new Prime Minister swore to form a new government that will “protect the people of Iraq”. Critics claim that Maliki contributed to the crisis facing the country by refusing to work with the Sunni and Kurdish minorities as well as controlling all the power. A fellow lawmaker for Maliki rejected the nominee of Al-lbadi claiming that this move goes against the constitution.

Maliki has continued to go against the wishes of the Obama Administration, which has led to them supporting President Masum as well as calling for the ouster of Maliki. Al-Maliki’s speech sparked rumors in Iraq that tanks were surrounding the presidential palace in Baghdad and that political rivals were in danger. The U.S. officials said the Obama administration had no confirmation of such developments, but said there was an increased security presence in Baghdad. U.S. State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the U.S. rejects any effort to use coercion or manipulation in the process of choosing a new Iraqi leader. She said the U.S. supports the process to select a prime minister “by building a national consensus and governing in an inclusive manner.”

President Barack Obama last week approved limited airstrikes against ISIS which have become known as Islamic State fighters, whose rapid rise in June plunged Iraq into its worst crisis since the end of 2011, when U.S. troops withdrew from the country at the end of an unpopular eight-year war. Obama’s current military campaign of air strikes has no end date but the main objective is to protect civilians from the insurgents.

Senator Lindsey Graham appeared on Fox News Sunday and said the militants don’t just threaten Iraqi’s but Americans as well. He said the President’s air strike campaign is not enough to stop the terrorists’ movements. The collapse of Iraq was a result of poor leadership from Prime Minister Maliki.

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