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Leave the gun at home or drop out of college

20 year old college student not allowed to carry a gun in order to protect herself.

A 20 year old Dartmouth college student is being forced to give up her education goals because the college won’t allow her to carry a gun to protect herself from a “stalker”. According to Fox News’s Outnumbered Taylor Woolrich, a junior says Dartmouth administrators told her they wouldn’t let her carry a gun on campus, even though she lives in fear of a man who has been stalking her since she was a high school student in San Diego.

Ms. Woolrich first discovered her stalker back when she was 16 while working at a café in downtown San Diego. According to her a man came in to buy coffee multiple times and often stared at her for long periods of time. The man, 67-year-old Richard Bennett, kept this up for days, she says, even sitting outside the store for an entire day and then following her home, demanding that she talk to him and saying he was “trying to protect her.” According to the DailyMail, the stalker was found with a “rape kit” in his car when he was first arrested.

Woolrich discovered that she could qualify for a conceal-carry permit because of her “special circumstances.” San Diego Sheriff also mentioned that the same exceptions can be made in New Hampshire. However Dartmouth administrators made it known that she was absolutely not allowed to carry a weapon on a campus. Many colleges across the country have banned guns on campus to prevent mass shootings and accidental shootings by irresponsible or inebriated students. But the pro-gun rights Crime Prevention Research Center, in a study published on Monday, said there have been no reported problems or issues with college-age permit holders on campuses in the nine states –  Colorado, Florida, Wisconsin, Utah, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Mississippi, Kansas and Idaho – whose laws mandate that students and others be permitted to carry concealed handguns on public college grounds.

Dartmouth refuses to allow her to carry but assures her that the administration are equipped and committed to providing the best safety possible for all our students.” Time for Dartmouth College to make an exception in the name of “public-safety” and give Woolrich the opportunity to carry a weapon.

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