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Republican Party needs CPR Stat!

GOP beginning to Self-Destruct

2012 Presidential Nominee candidates | CREDIT: Wiki Commons

2012 Presidential Nominee candidates | CREDIT: Wiki Commons

The GOP has lost the last two presidential elections as well as control of the Senate. There is a split between “the establishment” and the tea party movers & shakers. The GOP has not been able to agree on anything. Two versions of the budget have been created, dozens of immigration plans have been made. Senators are in support of issues that have been against the GOP since the dawn of time. How can the GOP reclaim lost voters and reclaim the White House and the Senate. There are five steps they can take to revive the party including changing positions on the “hotbed” issues, liberalize stance on immigration, appeal to minorities, limit foreign engagement, abolish social conservative agenda.

The GOP needs to change their positions on the issues that matter to the voters. Currently Republican senators including Alaska’s own Senator Murkowski are in support of gay marriage. It is time to keep up with the changes, there is a new generation of voters that have different point of views on the issues. People deserve the right to choose how they live their life whether its morally right or wrong. The GOP needs to focus more on the young generation; the young generation were the ones that bought into the Obama Fantasy.

The GOP need to create a way of getting green cards and other types of visa’s quicker and easily.

The next step in reviving the GOP is liberalizing the stance on immigration. The GOP need to create a way of getting green cards and other types of visa’s quicker and easily. However they still need to keep an eye on who enters our country so we prevent another Boston Bombing. The GOP needs to find a way to approve amnesty towards the illegals living within our borders.   We as a country need to become a more welcoming country in regards to immigrants. We must remember not all immigrants are bad. Our country was founded by immigrants.

Appealing to the Hispanics and African Americans is the next step in reviving the GOP! A major criticism of the Republican Party after the 2012 election is that the GOP did not reach out to communities of color extensively or in ways that struck a chord.Barack Obama won reelection over Republican rival Mitt Romney by netting more than 70 percent of the Hispanic and Asian-American vote each, not to mention more than 90 percent of the black vote. Given the Democratic Party’s extreme popularity with voters of color, conservatives such as former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and commentator Dick Morris said that the election indicated it was high time for the GOP to launch a platform that appeals to minorities. The GOP can begin winning over the minorities by backing immigration reform, having a centrist view on certain issues and invest in minority communities. Romney was called out for failing to address issues of importance to Latinos and Asian Americans, such as immigration reform. Critics also said that Romney gave the impression he was disconnected from everyday Americans after a recording surfaced of him disparaging the 47 percent of Americans who don’t pay income taxes. Romney did not help matters when he remarked after the election that minority voters flocked to Obama because they wanted gifts.

The fourth step in reviving the GOP is to limit foreign engagement. We can do that by speaking up against drone use like Senator Rand Paul did during his incredible filibuster speech. The GOP needs to cut defense spending by 20%. We also need to close down a majority of our bases around the globe. Let’s first bring our troops home from the battlefront. Let’s end this thinking that we need to spread democracy to every country that we can. Most of these wars end up hurting us. Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom both caused us to lose important allies in the war. However Great Britain remained a true friend to us through the thick and thin.

The final step in restoring the GOP is abolishing the social/conservative agenda. Republicans do not need to change their position, but they do need to focus more on messaging. During the 2012 election cycle there was too much emphasis on unpopular aspects of the Republican party’s stance on abortion. Furthermore, talk of defunding Planned Parenthood made some young voters feel uncomfortable. Let’s not focus solely on philosophical issues. Let people decide for themselves. Not everyone in the GOP is not a religious person. We all deserve “the right” to choose.

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