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Division within the ranks

Republican party is destroying itself through a battle of the ranks.

Currently the GOP is divided between the Tea Party and the Establishment. Throughout the past few years; the people have seen a divided party in action during the budget talks as well as major elections. There are several issues that are plaguing the GOP. These issues include single –issue voters, moderate conservatives vs. tea party vs. Libertarians, and a lack of communication as well as a lack of leadership; no strong leader to lead the GOP into the future!

People in the GOP are swayed against voting for someone based on one issue. Let’s take a look at Gov. Christie for example.   Moderate Republicans love Gov. Christie as he is bi-partisan. However tea party members dislike him for being anti-gun as well as appointing a Muslim judge in his state. Voters need to vote for a leader based on all the issues that matter. One main issue of Christie’s presidential race is his weight; however I believe that should not be the only issue they focus on.

For the past two elections (2008 and 2012) the whole Republican Party has been fighting each other. Gov. Christie attacking Sen. Paul and Libertarians fighting tea party members who fight moderates; one giant circle of in-fighting.   The Tea Party needs to stand down and worry less about trying to win tea party seats in congress. Look at what the Libertarian party did in this past Virginia Governor’s election; they took away from the Republican Party 7% of the votes. What the GOP needs is to unite the party under a strong leader. Speaker Boehner has appeared weak during the moments it has mattered; such as the budget negotiations. We need a leader in the House as well as a strong leader in the Senate. The democrats have some very strong leaders including Pelosi and Reid who have been able to unite the party for the majority of the time. Sen Edward Kennedy was a major leader within the Senate when he was alive; he would always keep the party in check. I also believe the next GOP ticket needs to focus on Healthcare and the Economy; so my fantasy pick would be Paul Ryan & Ben Carson. Paul Ryan can bring his budget experience to the White House and Dr. Carson can bring his healthcare reform knowledge and his education reform ideas to the White House. Together they can begin to dig America out of the quicksand.

Communication/Social Media has played a huge part in the past two elections. Right off the bat the Democrats used Social Media to promote their candidates for office.   The GOP still does not have a handle on communicating their message.   During the time I lived in Maryland, they kept airing campaign ads for governor of Virginia, 85% of the time it was the Democrat’s advertisements. Where did the Republicans go? In order to win they need to get their message out. They need to use facebook, twitter, YouTube and all the other means possible.   The Republicans need to get to hammering the liberals with TV spots 24/7 regarding the truth of who really is responsible for the horrible mess America is in; instead of being blamed all the time by the liberal spin doctors.

Until the GOP takes care of these issues , they will continue to fail!! What would happen if the Democrats won the presidency for the next 24 years. America would be the new Rome.   So I call upon Sen. Rand Paul, Governor Christie and former Gov. Palin to put aside their differences and work together to unite the party and help take back the White House!

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