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Obama’s Presidency Staying the Course or Going down in Flames

It’s all a matter of opinion

IRS Scandal

President Obama | CREDIT: Wiki Commons

President Obama’s presidency has appeared as catastrophic. What if all his “failures” were actually one giant plan he and his cohorts created. Some of Obama’s flaws have included Fast & Furious, Benghazi, Socialist Agenda and we still watch to see what is next! Every president since George Washington sets up an Agenda he intends to follow until his 8 years are up or he loses re-election; their agenda’s have also been attacked as well as praised by both the left and right.

One thing that woke America up to the idea that President Obama is a threat to American society was his failing foreign policy. The Obama administration entered office with a theory of foreign policy that has failed the test of practice. Candidate Obama promised a responsible end to the war in Iraq. But in 2008 the war was won and Iraq on a fragile path to stability and alignment with the United States. His administration declared that it wanted a continuing presence of thousands of American troops in Iraq; in fact, it appears, he did not believe in his own policy. President Obama’s policy has thus left us today with no presence, no leverage, and no credibility with the Iraqi leadership.

Iran uses Iraqi air space and roads to resupply the Assad dictatorship. He encountered several groundbreaking events including: Arab Spring, Benghazi, Libya Revolt, the North Korean threats, and always had to keep an eye on Iran. Under Obama’s leadership, America’s position in the Middle East has weakened considerably. We were unprepared for the “Arab Spring” uprisings, and the President’s response has been dangerously indecisive. For example, he continues to champion a Palestinian state while denouncing the current Syrian state—and the two are eerily similar. If Palestine were a state, it would be another corrupt enemy of Israel, our most important ally in the region, and would be a state sponsor of terrorism like Syria.

While the Administration dithers on its Syria position, a growing Islamist extremist presence in that country presents the danger of an extremist dictatorship that becomes a base for international terrorism. After abruptly pulling out of Iraq, the President must address a resurgence of al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) now threatening to attack the United States. An AQI leader has warned Americans: “You will soon witness how attacks will resound in the heart of your land, because our war with you has now started.” Several associates of the terrorist group have been arrested inside the U.S. and Canada in the last two years. Sanctions and strong words are no longer enough.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned that time is running out for international efforts to end Iran’s nuclear defiance through diplomacy. Netanyahu said,

“Things that affect our fate, our very existence, we don’t entrust to others—not even to our best friends.”

President Obama would do well to follow Netanyahu’s philosophy. The U.S. should commit to deploying the missile defense arsenal necessary to protect American interests both at home and abroad. The true audacity of the Obama administration lies less in its proclaimed foreign policy hopes, than in its insistence that its record is one of foreign policy success. It has, rather, been one of embarrassment, failure, and in some cases, disaster. Because of the last four years, we face a world in which our enemies do not fear us, our friends do not believe they can trust us, and those who maneuver between the two camps feel that they will not get in trouble by crossing us. It is time, and more than time, to choose a different course. The President’s personal “foreign policy” agenda is focusing on supporting his fellow Muslim brothers all over the globe. His presidential foreign policy agenda has not been a failure for his administration; it has been a huge success.


Throughout the course of his presidency: President Obama has without hesitancy pushed the Liberal Agenda on America! President Obama has fully supported gay marriage; he ended “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy in the Military. He’s allowed gay boy scouts to be a part of Boy Scouts. He’s called for a governmental controlled healthcare system. President Obama has kept spending and spending even though he is fully aware that we are financially broke. He’s bailed-out his “big business” friends such as GM and Chrysler; which is belief was good for this country. Companies are supposed to go broke if they can’t manage to stay business.  President Obama has approved the removal of the pledge of allegiance in schools, prayer from schools; He also moved to allow the removal of the 10 commandments from government buildings. Most recently he has become in favor of removing “so help me God” from the Air Force Academy Oath. He has been focusing on pushing Muslim Holidays into the list that Schools must acknowledge. His liberal agenda has also included attacking you (the average citizen),the media and the gun owners.

Obama’s counter-terrorism policies have failed over the years. During his time in office he has allowed 5 terrorists to reach their targets these include: 1) Ft. Hood Shooter, 2) Underwear Bomber, 3) Time Square Bomber, 4) Little Rock Shooter, and 5) The Boston Bomber. During the course of his presidency, he has argued for terrorist trials in New York, luckily that was shut down by the Republican leadership. He never established a well defined plan for shutting down Gitmo. I do support the closing of the prison, only because it’s close to a foreign country. I believe the prisoners in Gitmo need to be sent to a Maximum Security prison in the United States somewhere away from mass population. President Obama has failed to fight back terrorism across the globe.

What Obama’s Administration has been doing behind the curtain has finally been revealed. We first discovered that the National Security Agency has been wiretapping the phones of hundreds of people including a Fox News Reporter. Most recently we have learned that Pres. Obama has been spying on every day Americans as well as foreign officials all over the world including the German Chancellor. Even though I do support what Snowden has done; President Obama has done nothing to bring Snowden to justice.   President Obama has promoted the idea of using drones against American citizens who are terrorists; the most recent use of these “drone attacks” included a child as well as a religious leader who supported terrorism and took part in terrorist activities in the Middle East.   Obama working behind the curtain makes me believe that he wants to keep tabs on the Americans who are against him as well as those foreign leaders that do not support his agenda.

The other cover-up President Obama has tried to sweep under the rug was the IRS discriminating against Conservatives. Several conservative tea party groups were audited and their paperwork was held up. Several of them were denied Non-Profit status. Through this whole unraveling of the scandal, nobody has taken responsibility for the actions of the IRS Agency. It’s been proven that President Obama was aware of the “profiling” going on in the IRS. President Obama and his Press Secretary Jay Carney have explained the issue as a “rogue” office from Ohio and nothing more. During the Congressional hearings the former IRS Director Lerner started her testimony and then suddenly pleaded the fifth, which it does not work that way. However Ms. Lerner was able to squirm her way out of having to answer any more of those questions. With fewer conservatives raising their voices against what the government is doing allows Obama to continue his covert agenda aimed at destroying this beloved country.

President’s focal point of his administration was ObamaCare however it has collapsed. The website has had bugs since day one. Only 6 people were able to sign up that day. Since his early campaign days he pushed for universal healthcare and making promises he has not kept. He was noted as saying “you can keep your same healthcare providers” we discovered that was not true. Now I do support the idea of universal healthcare however it needs to be well planned out. Part of the ObamaCare policy was being able to monitor American’s through their healthcare providers. Currently many large health care providers are dropping out of ObamaCare including United HealthCare. What I find disgusting is that President Obama knew that millions would lose their health insurance. Personally I need insurance; my epilepsy medication costs me hundreds of dollars each month. I lose my health care in April what am I supposed to do. As a result of ObamaCare most companies are only offering part-time employment so they won’t be forced to provide benefits. With ObamaCare written into Law, this allows Obama to force healthcare on everyone.

September 11 is a day we all remember as the day America was attacked on our own soil. It’s also the day that 4 Americans lost their lives, including a Ambassador to Libya. This attack was prematurely blamed on an anti-muslim video; which we now know was a bunch of bull! When Secretary Clinton was being grilled during the congressional investigation into this attack; her only words were “What Difference Does It Make”. President Obama wasn’t even aware of the situation until the next day; he was out playing cards with his pals! Like all of President Obama’s other disasters, nobody has been held responsible for this negligent homicide. The State Department was warned that an attack was eminent in Benghazi, but they ignored the warning signs and did not beef up security at the embassy. People have begun to wonder why not! President Obama’s ignorance has shown that he supports the Libyan Government over the lives of Americans.

The first event that rattled the chains of the American People was the trafficking of weapons to the Drug Cartels; also known as Operation Fast & Furious. The weapons were traced from “straw purchases” to Drug Cartels who smuggled them into Mexico. These guns were used to kill an American border patrol agent.  President Obama has called for more border security however we can see that is not happening. We need a president that can put an end to illegals as well as drug cartels running free across the Mexican Border.

After reading this lengthy, you may ask: How President Obama benefit! He benefits in three ways: financially, internationally, and domestically. When America is broke he has a better control of the people. He is the voice that everyone must listen to. When Obama gains support from his terrorist “allies” he is able to make “under-the-table” deals that allow foreign governments to go against what Americans have given their lives for. When Obama is able to manipulate horrific attacks across the country including Fort Hood, Navy Yard, and most recently the school shooting in Oregon, he is able to force Congress to pass stricter gun laws which take guns out of Americans who have a right to bear arms.

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