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A Third of Americans are in favor of impeaching Obama

Fox News Poll shows 1/3 of Americans in favor of impeachment


CNN and Fox News both recently released a poll that showed that 33% of Americans think Obama should be impeached and removed from office, while 65% say they don’t support impeachment. 79% of those surveyed said congress should attempt to impeach Obama only if there is evidence of a serious crime such as treason or bribery. President Obama is facing a lot of pressure from the continued talks about impeachment.

Fox News asked this question:

Do you favor or oppose impeaching President Obama for exceeding his authority under the Constitution by failing to enforce some laws and changing other laws on his own — or for any other reason?  36% Favor, 61% Oppose and 3% don’t know.

Bill O’Reilly discussed the recent poll during his “Talking Points Memo” segment examining results from a Fox News Poll that also focused on impeaching the President. O’Reilly considers impeachment a “last-resort” mechanism. Saying although President Obama is having trouble, most Americans believe impeachment would be an overreaction that would damage the country. He also believes that Obama has lost the American people who evaluate in a fair way.  But, there is no question that the president is under pressure.” O’Reilly believes the President’s problems are being exacerbated by his demeanor.

In the survey, the participants were also asked if they thought Obama still wants to be president; 52% said yes but only 41% think he’s had enough. President has gone from fighting for his agenda to drinking beer, shooting pool and raising money for his liberal pals. O’Reilly concluded his segment discussing the idea that Obama is not the man that rallies the troops, comparing him to Knute Rockne or George Patton. Obama is a lawyer, academic seeker. DNC responded to the results of the poll showing that Americans are against impeachment.

I believe the discussion of impeachment needs to be silenced. With the Senate controlled by the Democrats, there is no way they will sign off on impeaching their President. Discussing such plans of impeachment are waste of time and that time needs to be used on the issues that matter, such has immigration, the economy, national security or even the budget. It appears that the democrats believe President Obama has lost his ability to deal with problems effectively. President Obama has no power to get anything done, just as Fox News’s Eric Bolling always says; he should just stick fundraising and drinking beer.

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