Paul Ryan working on ‘Expanding Opportunity In America’

Paul Ryan’s third attempt at restoring the economy

Paul Ryan speech | CREDIT: Wiki Commons

Representative Paul Ryan has revealed his newest economic plan called “Expanding Opportunity in America”. This is the third economic plan Paul Ryan has created since the budget crisis took center stage.

He is putting the power of real reform in the hands of local communities. Success can no longer be measured in Washington but needs to be measured by how many people are actually getting out of poverty. Ryan announced his plan on Fox News’s “On the Record”. Ryan referred to former President Clinton’s 1996 welfare reform known as Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act. The act entailed work requirements, time limits, local control and experimentation in states. Ryan points out that the U.S. spends nearly $800 billion annually to fund 92 federal programs aimed at fighting poverty, however deep poverty is near record highs. Ryan assures the American people that we can do better.

Ryan responded to claims that his proposal of being “a new code word for block grants” saying “I’m used to getting partisan labels,” Ryan responded. “That comes with the territory of breaking up the status quo, with offering different and new ideas. That’s fine. Let’s get to a conversation of what’s your better idea.” Ryan’s plan calls for helping people out of poverty by way of a career instead of just another job.

Paul Ryan’s discussion of reforming the war on poverty comes on the 50th anniversary of Lyndon B. Johnson’s “war on poverty.” Rep. Ryan first discussed his plan during a speech at the American Enterprise Institute, in which he detailed his plans for “expanding opportunity in America. Ryan wasn’t to take the lessons learned from 1996 and apply it to other parts of the government’s war on poverty.” I’m unsure whether this plan will actually work. He has previously introduced two plans to repair America’s budget however, those failed miserably resulting in a continued division among the party. Ryan has opened discussion of this plan to the public saying that anyone can send ideas to

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