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Militia group was based next door to American Consulate in Benghazi

Report shows that local militia group moved in next door to American Consulate

Fox News has revealed that less than a year before the Benghazi attack, the consulate warned that the State Department that known terrorist group rented a space next door. September 11, 2012 is a day America will never forget, four Americans including U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, were killed during an attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya.

Fox News’ Adam Housley reported that within three weeks of the U.S. renting the compound, a group aligned with Ansar al-Sharia – the terror organization believed to be behind the attack – moved in nearby.

“We warned D.C. about the guys who moved in next door, but nobody knew what to do and nothing was done.” – Fox News Source

Some of those responsible for security requested sandbags and “belt-fed” machine guns but were told by officials it wasn’t aesthetically pleasing and would upset the neighbors (terrorist groups). On Fox News’s “America’s Newsroom”, former State Department official attacked the White House administration. “It’s part of this administration’s pattern of ignoring anyone but Al Qaeda. Not realizing that there are other terrorist groups, there are other Islamist jihadists. And allowing them to rent a building next to a U.S. diplomatic property and not doing anything about it is, again, just negligence,”

The State Department responded to this story calling it “dubious”. Fox News also learned during course of the reporting that the State Department hired a local militia to provide security. Now that is what I call a horrific use of “rent a cops”. The leader of the “milita” allegedly left Benghazi on September 12, while Ambassador Stevens and his team were being murdered and the consulate burning.

It is disgusting that the White House would leave security of an American consulate to the hands of a “militia”. The militia could have been composed of Al Qaeda members and Libyan terrorists.

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