Arrest links suspect to missing gun used in Boston bombing

Recent arrest leads to gun used to murder MIT police officer during Boston bombing

Boston bombing cleanup | CREDIT: Wiki Commons
Boston bombing cleanup | CREDIT: Wiki Commons

21-year-old Stephen Silva from Cambridge Massachusetts is believed to have provided a gun used during the Boston marathon bombing in the murder of Police Officer Sean Collier. Collier was sitting in his police cruiser when he was shot and killed by the Tsarnev brothers.

According to Boston’s local news station MyFoxBoston a neighbor of Silva told FOX 25 that 20 federal agents searched the residence and arrested the suspect as well as leaving with boxes from the apartment.

Silva was good friends with the Tsarnevs, both attended the same high schools growing up. The lawyer for Silva released a statement late Tuesday evening: “I am representing Stephen Silva who is charged with a number of offenses, including the possession of a firearm in February of 2013. According to news reports, law enforcement officials say it is the same weapon that was used, some months later, in the MIT Officer Sean Collier shooting. However, this has not been charged in the indictment. I am in the process of meeting with my client and reviewing the available evidence, which will eventually be presented in a court of law in accordance with our system of justice. Out of respect for that system and for my client, I cannot make any further comment on the case.”

The Associated Press reports that the indictment reveals that Silva knowingly had possession of the gun, which had the serial number removed and altered. Silva is also charged with conspiring to distribute heroin this summer in the Boston area. However the indictment does not mention the Tsarnaevs or Police Officer Collier. Silva’s next hearing will be August 6.

Several other associates of the Tsarnev brothers have been arrested and charged with lying to investigators, obstruction of justice as well as tampering with evidence. Silva’s arrest is the second development in the bombing case in as many days. On Monday, jurors convicted Azamat Tazhayakov, a classmate of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, of obstructing a terrorism investigation.


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