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Israel discovers Hamas Gunmen infiltrating Israeli territory

Hamas attempted to sneak into Israel through underground tunnel network.

Israeli military surveillance identified suspicious movement in the bushes. (Image source: IDF Spokesman)

Israeli military surveillance identified suspicious movement in the bushes. (Image source: IDF Spokesman)

Israeli military released a video earlier today showing a firefight between Israeli forces and Hamas, who were likely on their way to attack an Israeli community near Gaza. The Israel Defense Force reported that 10 Palestinians emerged on the Israeli side of the border from a Hamas built tunnel earlier this morning.

They were hoping the grass would provide camoflauge. The IDF spokesman’s office said the militants were divided into two squads that infiltrated Israel through the tunnel, which originated in northern Gaza. An Israeli air force jet bombed one of the squads, while the others apparently were killed during the firefight, part of which was shown in the video.

The other squad fired an anti-tank missile at an Israeli military vehicle. Israel reports all ten Palestinians were killed. The firefight took place a half mile from the Israeli city of Sderot. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said at the start of the ground operation that the main focus of the battle was to dismantle Hamas’s tunnel network. In a New York Times exclusive, Israeli military spokesman Captain Eytan Buchman told the Washington Post: Human rights groups have for years decried Israel for limiting the amount of construction materials into Gaza, but Israeli officials have insisted the cement was being diverted for terrorism use, not homes and businesses. The latest revelation of the extensive, concrete-fortified underground structures would appear to bolster the Israeli claims.

The IDF also uncovered the opening of a tunnel dug from Gaza into the dining hall of Kibbutz Kissufim, an Israeli community in southern Israel. Hamas continues to pound Israel with rockets, racking up a count of more than 1,820 explosive projectiles in the past 14 days according to the IDF. According to Al-Arab newspaper, Israel Air Force bombed a Sudan weapons stockpile, which they believe was going to be sent to Hamas. (This report has not been confirmed by any American news agencies).

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