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State Sen. Ted Lieu wants liberal Fox News host to resign

Democrat Ted Lieu calls for Bob Beckel to resign from Fox News


California congressional Candidate Ted Lieu is calling for Bob Beckel of Fox News to resign after Beckel “used” a racial slur on air during “The Five”. Beckel was discussing a report on the Chinese hackers who broke into American government records, which caused him to start ranting on about “Chinamen.”

During The Five he said “As usual, we bring them over here and we teach a bunch of Chinamen — er, Chinese people — how to do computers and then they go back to China and hack into us,” he said.

Lieu did not take kindly to these comments and released a statement in which he called those comments “racist”. Lieu noted that this wasn’t the first time Beckel used “racist” remarks. Lieu represents an area in which 35% of the population is Asian. Along with Lieu, Democrat Representative Mike Honda also called on Beckel to resign. Honda released a statement in which he said:

I am outraged and disgusted by Fox News commentator Bob Beckel’s use of the word “Chinamen” and his other racist and xenophobic comments. I agree with State Senator Ted Lieu, Campbell CA Councilmember Evan Low, and everyone else who has called on Fox News to fire Beckel. The ignorance and hatred in his comments are repugnant. The fact that he has yet to apologize for these comments is inexcusable. As the founder of the Congressional Anti-Bullying Caucus, I know that words hurt, and slurs are used to intimidate. Fox News needs to do the right thing and fire Bob Beckel.

Not surprising another Democrat Representative also called for Beckel to resign.I’m not a fan of Beckel, however he says so much stupid stuff. He’s not trying to be racist, its just the mass media twisting the words that Beckel says. He’s even made horrible comments to his female co-hosts but he doesn’t truly mean what he says. I don’t believe Beckel should be forced to resign.

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