Mr. President it’s time for your wake-up call

Sean Hannity calls on Obama to wake-up


Friday’s episode of “Hannity” was focused on Obama’s lack of leadership. Sean Hannity highlighted major events that Obama has brushed away. He recapped the breaking news of yesterday, from Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 being shot down in Ukraine to Israel’s ground invasion of Gaza.

“It is shocking to see a president of the United States, the free world, with such a lack of urgency and priorities,” Hannity said, “So I say to the president tonight: It is time for action, it’s time for urgency. It is time for you to get engaged.”

Obama is like a teen retreating to his room with Comic Books” – Greg Gutfeld


Hannity pointed out that Obama hasn’t lived up to his promises here at home either. “Veterans – the people we should be taking care of the most, they have lost faith in the federal government.  Where is the urgency after learning that our vets are dying because of lack of care that we promised them? Where is the urgency to fix that? None of this should come as a surprise. This is what happens when the federal government gets too involved. Hannity called on Obama to “lead by example”. Hannity called for a wakeup call for President Obama.

We can’t expect America to get better with a president that stands by and does nothing. Wake up Mr. President. Time to kick it into high gear and fix America. Duct-tape is not the answer but permanent change is the answer.

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