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President was slow to respond after tragic attack of Flight 17

President Obama showed a delayed response to the attack on Malaysian Airlines Flight 17.

Americans are scrutinizing President Obama over his response to the terrorist attack on Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, which resulted in the deaths of 298 people. Once again, President Obama was not at the White House, where he should have been; he was out fundraising and smooching with the rich.

“After Benghazi, it was off to a fundraiser. Amid the border mess, it was off to a fundraiser. After this attack – well, you see the trend,” Greg Gutfeld said today on The Five. Gutfeld labeled Obama’s campaigning as his “comfort zone,”

The Five’s cohost Bob Beckel even agreed that President should have skipped the fundraisers. He also went on to say what do people expect him to do. […] It is not the president’s job to go to the Situation Room over something he can do nothing about.”

Gutfeld responded by asking if Obama should stick to his schedule as a way to keep America from panicking. The Five’s Eric Bolling responded by saying that you change your schedule based on what happens. He made reference that “The Five” was supposed to be on at five o’clock but couldn’t be as a result of this crisis. He added, “[Obama’s] not playing president anymore. He’s playing future ex-president right now.”

We need a president that is a leader, not an entertainer. We need a Lincoln not a Jimmy Carter. We need a leader that does not take no for answer and fights for what Americans want and need. We need a Bill Gates not a blind man. America needs a Patton not a Custer.

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