Who is really behind the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17

The world awaits the answer of who was really behind the downing of MH17

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After the world learned of the shooting down of the Malaysian Airliner, everyone began finger pointing, Russia blamed Ukraine and Ukraine blamed Russia. Thursday’s Shepard Smith Reporting on Fox News stood up to the rebels denying of shooting down Flight 17 based on their denial of having missiles capable of reaching that altitude.
Evidence has been revealed that rebels do have access to those types of missiles. This incident follows two other aircraft that were shot down. Fox News’s contributor Jennifer Griffin reported on a deleted tweet from the Donetsk Republic, which is the official Twitter page of the Russian rebels.
The tweet is from June 29 and brags about overtaking a Ukrainian military base and showing a missile that can fly up to 72,000 feet.
Griffin concluded, “It appears that the Russian rebels in Eastern Ukraine overtook this military base, where we know that the Ukraine military did have some Buk missiles that they had bought previously from the Russians. They’ve overtaken this base. They brag about it, and then they delete the tweet from June 29 after this plane goes down, realizing that they want to have plausible deniability that they in fact didn’t have this kind of missile.”
Because of the Ukrainian crisis, President Obama announced sanctions against eight Russian defense firms, which is a sign that U.S. had concerns. According to Ukrainian, security forces say two calls were intercepted after the crash. The first call was allegedly a rebel commander telling Russian military intelligence that they shot the plane down. The other call was purportedly of a rebel at the crash site tells another at a different location that they shot the flight down.
Even though we don’t know who is really behind this heinous attack, American military should be on standby in the area. It is time for America to take us seriously when we hold countries accountable for the actions their people take.

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