Congress & Obama have been lying to us for years

Congress and the President have been an ignorant bunch of power hungry piranhas for far too long.

Recently a Gallup poll found that 17 percent of respondents believe illegal immigration is the nation’s top crisis facing America. Bill O’Reilly tackled this issue on Wednesday’s O’Reilly Factor saying, “It is long past time for Washington to secure the southern border. Everybody knows that. We’ve been lied to for years, and both parties are responsible.”

Drug Enforcement Agency interviewed 230 illegal immigrants and found that 219 of them believe illegal immigrants are coming to the U.S. because they think they can stay. All sides of aisle are pointing fingers at each other. O’Reilly stressed that there’s very little leadership coming from the White House or Congress on almost every issue.

We need leaders coming into Washington, who will actually lead America down the right path. Come November, we must throw out the lying senators and representatives and replace them with the right people. We have been lied to day in and day out. Harry Reid recently claimed that Our Southern Borderis secure. President Obama and congress sit beside and not explain the actions of the IRS, the Attorney General’s actions in Fast & Furious as well as President Obama explaining his actions in the Middle East. Congress has also refused to fight for what the American people really want! Americans have to make their disenchantment loud and clear by directly contacting senators and representatives and by voting in November.

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