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Coincidence, I think not! Ex-FEC attorney’s hard drive also crashes

Another hard drive bites the dust!

We recently learned that along with Lois Lerner, former Federal Election Commission attorney April Sands discovered that her hard drive crashed as well. Sands resigned from the FEC after violating the Hatch Act, which makes it illegal for government workers from advocating for candidates.

Representative Mark Meadows who is a member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee appeared on Fox News’s “On The Record” and discussed the hard drive crash of Ms. Sands.

What’s troubling is another day, another hard drive crash,” Meadows said. During the workday, she often tweeted about politics. In one tweet, she said that people should donate to Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill.

Darrell Issa and committee member Jim Jordan laid out Sands’ partisan activities and asked for records pertaining to the recycling of her hard drive and of the agency’s records retention policies. One of Sands’ tweets, from June 4, 2012 read, “I just don’t understand how anyone but straight white men can vote Republican. What kind of delusional rhetorical [sic] does one use?”

As of today, you can’t access her account to see those tweets anymore. She’s definitely hiding something. She needs to be dragged into court and be forced to explain her suspicious activity.

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